No.75 | Venice | Italy | Europe

No.75 | Venice | Italy | Europe

When to visit Venice?

By: Lora

A trip to Venice is one of the best travel destinations in Europe. Due to the mild climate you can visit the city any time of the year. This makes the sea town full of life and moreover tourists practically always.

I have been to Venice a coup of times and each visit is particular and different from the previous one. For very first time I saw the magnificent town during the famous Carnival of Venice which takes place always the second and third week of February. The colourful masks and costumes just makes you forget that it is the 21st century. They take you on a trip into time, space and traditions. Although I hate the crowds the beauty of the architectural monuments and the uniqueness of the costumes and the masks made me forget about anyone around me and I’ve just let myself to the fascination of this magic atmosphere, of the lively ancient town.

Another good time to visit Venice is the Feast of the Redeemer (Festa del Redentore). It takes place in the middle of July. At this time making sightseeing in Italy is maybe not the best thing to do because usually the temperatures reach at least 30° C and the humidity makes it even hotter. However, la Festa del Redentore is occasion that should not be missed. The wonderful romantic city of Venice is even more picturesque due to the plenty colourful lights of the fireworks. The feast has its origins in 1576, when a terrible plague epidemic killed huge amount of the inhabitants of Venice. The Doge Alvise | Mocenigo built a magnificent church in order to demonstrate the city’s gratefulness that the plague was finally over. Today the church is known as Il Redentore.

Another great event to see is the Historical Regatta for the admirers of the boats and gondolas, as well as La Festa della Sensa. Each time visiting Venice I’m staying at “Hotel Rigel” , a wonderful and calm place. The best however, is that the hotel staff organises different “activities” for those who doesn’t want to do just sightseeing but also enjoy Italian and more particularly Venetian traditions such as mosaic and fresco. I really highly recommend it to anyone who would visit the town. If you want instead to mix with the locals stay at the typical “B&B” (in Italian called agriturismo, usually in the countryside, they produce all the food by themselves which really guarantees the high quality)

Apart from the hotel I advise the future visitors of the town to try the local restaurants and make an effort to escape from the touristic restaurants. The food there is much more delicious and you can enjoy the variety the tasty Venetian cuisine.

Venice is a place to visit at least once in a lifetime, however once you visit the city you fall in love and the next visit is certain!

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