No.68 | Tibet | Himalayas | China | Asia

No.68 | Tibet | Himalayas | China | Asia

Potala Palace -Dalai Lama residence

Tibet Adventure

Take part in rituals and haggle for a bargain in the markets. From modern Beijing, travel back in time across scenic countryside to Tibet on this well-packed overland adventure. Witness the splendour of Potala Palace and the majesty of remote monasteries and then celebrate the journey to Kathmandu.

Wake up to views of Everest and enjoy a window into the heart of this remote land. A local guide and CEO will show you the region’s hidden gems and make sure your trip burns brightly in your memory long after you’ve climbed down from the roof of the world.



Visiting Tibet
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Why Tibet Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

By: Shane Marden

The Dalai Lama one time stated:

Go to Tibet and see many places, as much as you can; then tell the world.

I went to Tibet to experience the wonder of the Himalayan landscape and the joy of the people, and to share my experience by producing a photography book titled which is titled child of Tibet – a lost innocence.

I was overwhelmed by the joyful and calming influence of the Tibetan people. They showed a extraordinary strength and courageousness to survive, notwithstanding years of suffering and organized cultural cleansing by China.

I also had the honor to meet and speak with the Dalai Lama in India. I was uncertain how to greet him. Luckily, he made it easy for me. He strode towards me, arm outstretched, and firmly shook my hand.

We sat and I told him of my plans for the book and my experiences in getting here. I asked him if he would consider writing the preface for my book. He kindly obliged. He also giggled a lot.

He encouraged me to take pics of him and have pics taken of us. He then went into a different room and returned with some blessed gifts for me to give away in Tibet. He warned me to select cautiously whom to pass them onto.

I handed out the presents at any guesthouse I stayed at, which were normally run by a Tibetan family. The response I got was always with much gratitude and minor hysteria. At one particular guest house, the mother of the family ran around the room happy and crying. The whole family touched my head because I had met the Dalai Lama. It was an tremendous feeling spreading the word of their exiled spiritual leader throughout a repressed Tibet.

The country has not stopped fascinating me. It’s not just the beauty of the people or the nature. Being there is nothing less than a spiritual experience you will never forget nor encounter anywhere else.

Go there. It’s the experience of a lifetime and it’s absolutely necessary that people from outside visit Tibet. The country is at a precarious point in its turbulent history. China is poised to launch a systematic migration of ethnic Chinese into Tibet, to finally overwhelm the Tibetans by shear weight of numbers.

This old culture and lovely people, share with you, as all people do, the right to live in freedom and harmony with their land and their spirituality. I urge you to support the Tibetan cause. The best way to do this is by visiting Tibet!

About the Author

Shane Marden is an Australian photographer and author of the coffee table book Child of Tibet: a lost innocence. He loves telling stories and is passionate about freedom. Shane also runs a web site on Tibet.

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