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Stockholm encounter guideStockholm Encounter guide

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Stockholm is known for its style, from the cobbled lanes of Gamla Stan to the designer stores and café scene. Open-air museums, cloudberry truffles – Stockholm knows how to live.

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If you’re a first-time visitor to Stockholm you’ll love the city’s stunning waterside setting. Head straight for the Old Town with its lavish Baroque Royal Palace and charming historic squares. You’ll find European and Swedish art at the National Museum in the Norrmalm district. But there’s much more to Stockholm than meets the eye, so make a return visit for hearty Swedish cuisine and sassy nightlife in the Õstermalm area.

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A Tourist Guide To Stockholm

Author: Dan Oldfield

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. It is renowned for being one of the most attractive cities in Europe, largely due to its location that spreads over a number of islands. Generally, tourists visit the city to enjoy its laid-back atmosphere and its impressive museums and historical buildings.

Travelling to Stockholm
It is simple and usually cheap to fly to Stockholm from within Europe. Their airport receives flights from airports all over Europe and operates a frequent and reliable shuttle services to locations within a 25 mile radius. Stockholm also has a great rail network to other Scandinavian counties. If you are travelling on a budget then the bus and ferry services maybe more suited.

For a large range of accommodation, head for the Central Station area of the city. That area and Gamla Stan has a variety of hotels to suit all budgets. Söderhallarna and Södermalm are other city locations that offer both hotels and hostels.

When you visit Stockholm you get a real feel for its history through the impressive buildings and museums there. Stockholm was first established in the 13th century and continued to grow to become the largest city in Sweden and the capital. Sweden was once united with neighboring Denmark and Norway until after the renowned Stockholm Bloodbath which involved the killing of 80 Swedes by a Danish king.

Sights and Attractions
Stockholm is a great location to go sightseeing as it has a range of both historical and modern attractions. A must see is Kungliga Slottet, the world’s largest royal castle that is still in use. It is an impressive architectural stronghold that has 600 rooms. The city is packed with museums and great architecture for example, town hall.

Stockholm is a great place to go shopping as it has some of Sweden’s best department stores and malls. The old town part of the city has more souvenir shops and boutiques for the traditional shopper. Drottninggatan is one of Stockholm’s most famous shopping streets so be sure to visit there.

Stockholm has a reputation for being an expensive city for eating out. However, there are cheaper restaurants and fast food outlets around that might be best for travelers on a budget. If money is no worry for your holiday then be sure to eat out as the Swedish and international cuisine in the posh restaurants is delicious. Wine and other beverages are also costly so be sure to check price lists prior to ordering.

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