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How To Plan For Visiting San Francisco

By: Jafari Nelson

San Francisco city is considered as a well known world famous destinations. This city is located in southern region of California of United States. This city is home of bay area with well known communities of liberal and hilly terrain Victorian. This city has population of eight millions. This city has its unique individuality on travel and tourism map. This city attracts so many visitors every year and it is one of largest driven visitors. This city also home of world wonders. For outside travelers this city is not expansive because of availability of cheap hotels which are closer of sightseeing places and easily accessible to both local and private transport facilities.

Author also suggest to all tourists that everyone should visit this city once in a life because it is only single destination of world from where you can explore wild life view and can make life more fashionable. This city is only single city of world which is not so expansive. In United States this city is only single city which is located on a very small square of land which covers all San Francisco bay area. For travel and tourism point of view this city is divided into different region like in east region tourist will find bay bridge, San Francisco neighbors, cities and towns. In north portion of this city travelers will see golden gate bridge which is a wonder of modern world in south all attraction places are separated with different counties. For tourist point of view the temperature of this city is normal and the best time to visit this city in the month of April because these days you will find cherry blossom festival. If you see this city then you will found here more than your expectations. Here are some tips for planning holidays to San Francisco.

How To Plan Holidays For San Francisco

  • If you are going to this city then always make planning in the month of April because that time is of spring season and you will find lot of exciting offer on travel and some events and festivals like cherry blossom.
  • If you are planning holidays in tourist season then make your reservation for San Francisco hotels in advance to avoid rush and to getting offers. Mostly all hotels in San Francisco will offer you online reservation facilities also.
  • To getting this city you can choose any mode of transportation. But for air, trail, and boat you have to see that this facility is availability from your hometown. But air and train facilities can found all major destinations and it is well connected through US highways.
  • While going to this city pack your luggage which makes you more comfortable and try to avoid extra luggage because all daily need things you can get easily here.
  • After entering to this city you can take your own taxi and public transport facility to travel around this whole city. if you have much time then you can get your closer access to Los Angeles and San Diego. For exploring inside this city you can refer to tourist guide which will be available in your hotel rooms and if you want then you can purchase them also.

Must See San Francisco Attraction Places

  • Golden Gate: this district is one of beautiful and fashionable district of San Francisco. In this district golden gate bridge, visitor center, museums, historical landmarks, and baker beach are attraction places.
  • Fisherman’s Wharf: it is one of most popular tourist destination in San Francisco because of ferry tours. In this district aquariums are most famous attraction place.
  • The Avenues: this district including with foggy sunset and Richmond district where attraction places are golden gate park and ocean beach.
  • ChinatownNorthBeach: in this district china town and north beach are most famous and popular attraction place. In china town New Year festival is best seeing festival. Here you will also found lot of shops, hotels, restaurants, and many eateries.

These districts cover all major sights of this city and every one never miss these places if you miss any one of them then you Miss Lot of opportunities in this city.

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