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New Orleans | Louisiana | USA | North America

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Downtown New Orleans Panoramic Photo by M. Lamar Griffin, Sr.

Visiting New Orleans
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The birthplaces of Elvis and the Blues

Memphis is the place for music lovers, bursting with country, soul, blues and jazz music, it was also the home of the King, Elvis Presley himself. Visit the clubs off Beale Street and feel the beat of the city as you experience the musical heart of The South. Expect great barbecues, historic mansions and beautifully manicured parks and gardens in this soul city.


New Orleans is one of America’s most unique cities, where the spirit of the Old South still lives on. Explore the French Quarter around Jackson Square, follow in Mark Twain’s footsteps and take a river cruise up the Mississippi.

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New Orleans – A Rich Culture

Author: Lawrence J. Reaves

New Orleans, Louisiana is one of the United State’s most culture rich destinations. Not only does the big easy teem with culture, but home prices are very affordable, and the entire city is the midst of a large revitalization effort.

Even though New Orleans was hit by Hurricane Katrina a few years ago, many changes have been made to make the city more secure and less vulnerable from attack by another storm. There are new evacuation routes, and many of the levees have been rebuilt to withstand any future problems. The likelihood of a hurricane hitting this area anytime in the next 50 years is extremely low.

While the weather may be hot down in New Orleans, there is plenty to do to keep cool. You can walk down Bourbon street and see the historic French quarter with its amazing culture. The amount of history that is in New Orleans is just astonishing! You can see Spanish, French, and many other cultures influence different sections of the city, and the city as a whole. What is truly a treat about New Orleans is that you can take in everything. There is no one culture that owns the city, it is a melting pot of everyone from everywhere.

There are sections of New Orleans that are lower income, but as a city, it has a very charming appearance and has large houses and condominiums where people can live quite comfortably. One of the best parts about New Orleans is that you can get nearly anywhere very quickly. The roads were very well planned, and major highways make sure that you can get in and out of town in nearly every direction. Florida is very close to New Orleans, as close as a eight hour drive away depending upon which part you would like to visit. The Gulf of Mexico allows people to enjoy wonderful catches of seafood. New Orleans is known for its ability to amazing people with its unique cooking cultures. Whether you feel like some Cajun or maybe something more relaxed on your palate, New Orleans has a restaurant that can cater to it.

One of the biggest parties, if not the biggest, party of the year is Mardi Gras. It can become insane in town during this time, but the experience is second to none! Being a local during this week can be a great advantage. You know where everything is located, you are able to get home quickly, and you will not have to pay the outrageous price for a hotel room. Enjoying the festivity is very easy, no matter where you are in the city. The parades are legendary, and the parties live up to their reputations.

Whether you decide that you would like to live in New Orleans for its amazing culture, awesome parties or delicious food, there is no way that you could say no to this amazing town. With all of its unique charm, so much is available to anyone who tries to enjoy New Orleans!

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