No.80 | Nairobi | Kenya | Africa

No.80 | Nairobi | Kenya | Africa

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What are My Favourite Places to Visit in Nairobi

By: Amar Shah

Nairobi is a place that one can spend days exploring. From the world class five star hotels to the ever active streets of the city. This is a must visit place for any person who would love to discover developed cities of Africa. Nairobi has become a world class city offering the visitor with many travel options.

What are the forms of transport available for visitors? Transport in this city usually varies from different levels of comfort. First there are the ‘matatus’ as referred to by the locals. These are always crowded and the levels of comfort are poor. They are also characterised by loud music. However some usually offer much organised services. For tourists, there are the coaches that will offer them with luxurious and comfortable transport services. The visitor also has the option of hiring a car as the car hire industry is very well defined in the city.

Then there are the tour firms that also give transport services to the traveller. The trains in the city are not very reliable as they are irregular. Incase you do not like any of these options then the cabs are there waiting for you.

What are the attraction sites in Nairobi? This city has many places that the tourist will spend days exploring. First there is the Nairobi national museum. This is a place that is rich in art and all the cultures of the tribes of Kenya. This museum is also the biggest in the country. For those who love to know about the indigenous people of the country, the museum is the perfect place. It is also the only place that you will find all the species of birds that are found in the country and in the region. In the same museum, there is the snake park. Here, you will find snakes, crocodiles and other reptiles that may be you have not seen before.

For those who love to see wild life, the city also offers this. First you will visit the giraffe centre. You will have the chance to see giraffes and you will also. After here, you will have the chance to visit Nairobi orphanage. Here, you will find wild animals but they are not in their natural habitat. They are usually enclosed in a cage. Most of these animals are the orphaned ones, hence its name.

If you like seeing animals in their natural habitat Nairobi national park is the place to be. Here you will see all signature animals of the country and in their natural habitat.

Away from the animals, the city has a lot for the traveller. In the city centre you will discover the many shopping outlets that offer you with super bargains. You will get all the items you want. You will have chance to sample the African clothing here in the city centre at unbelievable prices.

For those who love partying and gambling the number of nightclubs in the city are just too much for you. Just have someone to advice you on which among them is the best. The language for the city is English and Kiswahili so if you do not understand any of these, just have someone to escort you throughout your visit. Some Kenyans are very good at foreign languages. So do not worry about language.

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