No.88 | Marrakesh | Morocco | Africa

No.88 | Marrakesh | Morocco | Africa

Marrakesh A Rich Cultural Experience

By: Gaizka Pujana

This city not only has all the facilities and infrastructure you will need, but also all the charm and magic you could ever wish for.

As the perfect get-away for people from all walks of life, you will be able to experience this multicultural city among the friendly and colourful locals. If you like to shop, then this city will surprise you with its thousands of little shops, market places and souks. If you do not know how to barter then its best you start practicing now. This is how the locals shop and this is how they have been doing it for centuries. A general rule of thumb is not to look too interested. The more interested you look the higher the initial price you are told will be. This is an experience it itself and although you may think you are getting an amazing bargain, you will also be making a few traders a bit richer!

Marrakesh also has some of the best weather in the world and hardly a day goes by without the sun shining its face onto the city. For this reason, especially if you have fair skin, you should always cover up with a hat and plenty of sunscreen. You do not want to be stuck in your hotel room looking like a lobster when you would rather be exploring the city outside.

Marrakesh has plenty of beautiful hotels to choose from. This is where the old meets the new. Some of the decor and facilities may be slightly foreign to you, but this is all a part of learning something new about other cultures. If you are more comfortable in a hotel, then you can find what you are looking for online. There are some sites that specialize in holiday accommodation and you will also be able to view pictures of the places before you book so you know what you are getting yourself into.

You could also consider staying in a self-catering holiday apartment which would give you more freedom in terms of not having to worry about hotel meal times. You can also find information about self-catering apartments on a host of travel websites.

The best way to explore this Moroccan city is to do so on foot and if you want to get to the more outlying areas then you should hire a car. The city has spent a lot on cleaning up its image and is much safer and cleaner than foreigners would think.

The peak season tends to be quite hot, but is this is what you are after then go for it. Spring tends to have slightly milder weather so this may be a better idea if you want to explore on foot.

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