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Holidays in the Maldives conjure up images of white sands, swaying palm trees and crystal blue waters, creating that quintessential picture-perfect holiday bliss.

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Maldives travel guide Lonely PlanetWhich island paradise is the one for you? For this 7th edition we walked barefoot along every dazzling white beach, dipped our toes in every aquamarine lagoon, and checked the view from dozens of beachside pools. Plunge into these pages to reap the benefits of our thoroughly enjoyable research. Read more…

Maldives travel guide by Lonely Planet

Another paradise on earth – the Maldives islands

Author: quinlanmurray

Are you an ardent lover of nature and have painted picture of a paradise in your imagination as one with swaying palm trees, crystalline lagoon of different shades of blue surrounding snow-white beaches? Then you must visit Maldives islands.

If you are getting married in near future then Maldives islands is the most romantic place for sharing beautiful moments of your togetherness at your honeymoon.

Maldives tourism is one of the best in the world with a large number of visitors throughout the year. Tour organizers all over the world offer Maldives vacation packages which sell like hot cakes. There are more than 90 luxury resorts Maldives has which provide luxury comfort to honeymooners and holiday-lovers.

The Maldives islands which offers sunshine throughout the year, is truly a heaven on earth. This amazing tropical wonderland offers you freedom to explore everything gifted by nature.

Maldives islands consist of 1190 small islands grouped into 26 atolls. The ring-shaped reef structures or ‘Faru’, as they are known, form atolls which provide natural protection against waves and wind. Maldives islands’ capital-Male, is the seat of Maldives tourism, trade, business, commerce, education and health. It is located centrally in the atoll chain, and has population of more than 150,000, one third of total population of Maldives islands. Most of the Maldives holiday deals are made in Male.

Maldives tourism has registered rapid growth in number of tourists coming from all over the world. The luxury resorts Maldives had ten years ago have increased many folds. All the new resorts are subjected to rigorous environmental impact studies and the construction is permitted only on 20% of the islands.

Beautiful luxury resorts of Maldives islands offer high standard facilities including thrill-seeking water-sports to over-water villas, perfect for enjoying beautiful sunset over Indian Ocean. In some of the Maldives holiday deals, you can get villas with glass bottom floors which are perched over water. Every resort is self contained with one restaurant that serves different cuisines as per guests’ requirements.

Some of the best places to visit in Maldives islands include Male, Grand Friday Mosque, Esjehi Art Gallery, Fish Market and beaches.

Maldives islands’ diving is one of the best in the world. Called sunbathers’ paradise, Maldives islands offer world’s best deserted beaches and its lagoons provide spectacular snorkeling and diving. But before you go for diving or play other water sports, you should ensure that associated risks are already covered in your insurance policy.

If you intend taking your family on vacation abroad or make your honeymoon most memorable then you must go to Maldives islands where you will get very close to nature and fall so much in love with the place that you will visit it again and again. Beauty of Maldives islands really makes it another paradise on earth!

Although a year round holiday destination, December to April is the ideal time for a holiday in Maldives islands.

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