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Vue sur les Ilhas Desertas depuis Funchal (Madère, Portugal) by Félix Potuit

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Between the verdant hills and the blue ocean, Madeira lies 621 miles southwest of Lisbon and 497 miles from the coast of Africa, offering the delights of a subtropical climate. An archipelago of volcanic origin, Madeira is the largest and more populated of the islands. The beautiful assortment of flowers and tropical fruits, mild temperature of the ocean water and natural pools, a wealthy cultural heritage, luxurious hotels and Funchal’s cosmopolitan life are but a few of the available charms found here.

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Madeira Portugal Pearl of the Atlantic

Author: Celsey

In the Atlantic Ocean near the center of Europe to the south-west of Portugal is situated the island of Madeira. Madeira – is the name of the Portugal island and the autonomous archipelago. The portugal archipelago is known for friendly people, exceptional natural beauty and mild climate. Madeira Island – a frozen mountain peak of volcanic masses. The rocky ridges of the island and the steep cliffs of the brownish-yellow, black basalt finish plumb directly from the water of the Atlantic Ocean, which is very deep, so that the great whales are often glide close to the coast. If you get to the Cape of fat, one of the world’s highest cliffs, you will immediately appreciate the beauty of the island paradise that inspired Luis you Kamoesa, the Portuguese national poet, say that Madeira is “at the end of the world.”

Madeira volcanic soil, plants and flowers blaze as creating a palette with a Tahitian Gauguin. The island grows a variety of colors – this zhakaranda, weight bougainvilleas, orchids, geraniums, puansettii, Cannes, wisteria. Scrub apples, avocados, mangoes and bananas grow on the island. Scents such as vanilla and wild fennel, mixed with the smells of the sea breath, get into the valley and create a unique charm of the island. The forest covering the island, diverse, and about 145 species of trees is unique to Madeira. These trees Laurissilva, growing only on the Atlantic coast, are an important and special part of the wealth of Madeira and included in the list of world heritage by UNESCO.

In 1419, Joao Goncalves Zarqa from Portugal, opened Madeira after hit in a storm, exploring the western coast of Africa. Since the island was covered with untouched virgin forest it was called Madeira (wood). Soon the island was set on fire, to prepare it for habitation. As they say, the fire lasted for 7 years, until all, except for a small northern section, not turned into ashes. But now, looking at the nature of the island, it is impossible to imagine that there were so devastating fires.

Most tourists stay in Funchal, the capital and main port city of the Portugal island. Funchal’s old colonial city with beautiful botanical gardens and parks, excellent shops and restaurants. The name of the city was due to an excess of fennel growing there. Convenient harbor and the mild climate, combined with excellent geographical location have led to rapid population growth in Funchal. It is a modern city with more than 100 thousand inhabitants. In the center of town is the Cathedral (Se), one of the architectural treasures of Madeira. A few kilometers from Funchal, is a typical fishing village Câmara de Lobos, which inspired Winston Churchill to paint its beautiful nature. Camara de Lobos is also the home of “poncho” – a mixture of lemon juice, honey and cane vodka, which you can try the local taverns. The famous Madeira wine is considered one of the best in the world. Wine is made throughout the island, and Madeira wine – a way of life.

Portugal Madeira – a window from Europe to the tropical world. In these unique surroundings you can enjoy a climate of eternal spring and visit the wilderness. This wonderful atmosphere of peace and quiet, with magnificent sunshine and beautiful flowers.

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