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Madagascar | Malagasy Republic | Africa

Madagascar Experience

14 days, G Adventures Tour

Wild landscapes, village culture, beaches—Madagascar might be an island but there’s nothing small about it. For those who like to get remote, this isolated island is packed with wildlife, landscapes and people you’ll find nowhere else. And everybody loves lemurs. You’ll get to embrace local life but still have time to relax at the beach. Best of all, there’s always a local CEO there to lead the way and provide a link to the unusual and extraordinary.

What’s Included

  • Artisan Workshop visit, Visit to Ghost Talker, Cultural experience in Ranomafana, Antsirabe Lake Andraikiba visit, Visit to Antemoro paper factory in Ambalavao, Entrances and Guided walks in Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, Ranomafana National Park, Anja Reserve, and Isalo National Park.
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Dinner. (Allow USD150-200 for meals not included.)
  • Hotel (12 nts), multishare homestay (1 nt).
  • Private minibus, plane, walking.
  • Chief Experience Officer (CEO), driver throughout, local guides.
  • Small group experience; Max 9, Avg 7

Visiting Madagascar

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Parks of Madagascar- something worth your discovery

By: Sanjou

Madagascar is one of the biggest islands in the world. Found in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar has the sweet tropical temperature and the sun is sometimes harder than the other tropical islands like Mauritius or Seychelles.

This might be because of its placement in the ocean. The official language of Madagascar is French since the year 2007 and recently, English has become the second. Malagasy is as well readily spoken throughout Madagascar. Malagasy might not be difficult to learn, so after a lengthy stay, you might become familiar with it and start speaking it!

One of the major reasons to visit Madagascar is its wildlife. The huge size of the island makes it a suitable spot for many tourists to discover. Actually, more than sixty percent of the flora and fauna found in Madagascar are unique to the island. This is a treat for visitors who come searching for wildlife and especially things they have never seen before. Sadly, many of those species are in danger of extinction and they can only be found in zones where they are protected. So, if you are visiting Madagascar, you might have to travel to specific places to see these animals. That is why national parks are so popular in Madagascar.

As national parks are the businesses of Madagascar, price tags for visiting these national parks might be a bit hefty. For more information, you could make a search on the Internet about the national parks of Madagascar. Since they are on increasing popularity around the world, results would be readily available. You might as well come across the websites of some of those parks in Madagascar. In fact, such websites are normally well detailed and most of the times available in a couple of languages, mainly English and French.

Moreover, some of the parks in Madagascar are really difficult to reach. Sometimes, you might not get any type of vehicle to bring you there. You might hire a guide who knows Madagascar on his fingertips and head for an unforgettable expedition in the wild until you reach your park. Tiresome as it would be, you will most certainly enjoy the adventure if you have to come to Madagascar in search for breathtaking moments.


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So don’t think twice. Make up your bags, reserve your air tickets and fly to Madagascar. You could be hours away from living one of the most sensational times of your life.

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