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Aerial view of Key West, looking north. Photo by: Tore Sætre

Visiting Key West Florida
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The Florida Keys offers fantastic diving opportunities, amazing seafood and some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see. Stretching 120 miles, the Florida Keys are the home to the only living-coral barrier reef in the United States and it is teeming with marine life.

The Florida Keys are blessed with a plethora of flora and fauna both beneath the waves and above and have a great deal of guided eco walks, environmental centres and green initiatives to help keep this amazing string of islands beautiful for years to come.

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Visit Key West on Your Holiday to Florida

By: Jessica Nielson

There is always something to do in the Florida Keys, but when you take you holiday to Florida to visit the Key West, you will have an amazing time. Whether you take the kids or go by yourself, you will enjoy something the Key West.

One recommendation in Key West is a stop at Hogs Breath Saloon. This is an open-air bar that has a restaurant and live entertainment. The place is huge and it is fascinating to visit. They do have a live web cam that can be viewed on the Internet. Do not let the name fool you, it is a great place and the people are very nice.

If you are looking for a adventure in swimming with the dolphins, you will enjoy Key West. There are eight different places that have services for scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming with the dolphins. Captain Sheri and Wild about Dolphins is just one place that has swim with dolphin adventures. These are wild dolphins you will be swimming with ad it is common for them to come up and give you a kiss. The dolphins are friendly, but keep your guard up because when they play, they might be a little rough.

The Key West tours are something you should partake in and enjoy. They are well structured and always a great time. There is the Jet Ski and island tour, water tours with drinks and snacks, Dream Charters for those who want a little romance and seaplane tours. You might even enjoy the catamaran tours that take you to different areas. The tours are always fun and you experience so many different things on the tours that you would not otherwise. Yu can also enjoy the beautiful beaches in Key West and soak up the sun.

Plan a kayaking tour of the Dry Tortugas National Park. The kayaking experience is for everyone. You can enjoy a nice leisurely ride down the river and see the beautiful scenery from the river. The Key West area is always nice, but you do have to watch the water for any unknown lurkers. Fishing is another popular pastime in the Keys. You can fish for some marlins, swordfish or even the speckled trout. Deep-sea fishing in the Keys is a favorite for everyone. There are people that do nothing more than fish for their cheap holidays to Florida. The fishing is the best and the charters are always coming in with a boatload of fish.

Besides the attractions and things to do, you can enjoy the restaurants and the nightlife. Once you experience Hogs Breath Saloon, it might be hard to find a place that compares. This however, should not be a problem since there are so many different clubs in the Keys. The West Keys are considered the best place to party and have fun. If you need more reasons to go to Florida, just ask someone who has been there and they will tell you the same thing. It is a great place to visit.

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