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10 days – G Adventures

A yacht adventure is the ideal way to experience what many consider the world’s most beautiful islands—the Greek Islands. Sail aboard our 50-foot yachts, with time for hiking, snorkelling and relaxing. Explore ancient archaeological sites and taverna-lined harbours, dine on fresh seafood and don’t forget to try the Ouzo! This 10-day round trip from Santorini will give you the chance to explore some of the treasures of the Greek Islands.

What’s Included

  • Fully licensed skipper, Snorkelling equipment, 9 nights aboard our yacht
  • No meals are included but basic items on the boat will be covered by a food kitty (Allow EUR200-350 for meals not included.)
  • Our yachts are equipped with 5 twin-share cabins, 3 shared bathrooms and 2 showers.
  • 50 ft sailing yacht.
  • Skipper throughout.
  • Small group experience; Max 8

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Greek Islands | Greece | Europe

Have Memorable Holidays in the Greek Islands

Author: Vikram Kumar

Are you planning for a holiday but don’t know where to go? Why don’t you consider Europe, a place where most Western civilization started and if this seems an attractive proposal better go into one of the most sought-after, high profiled, highly developed country in the Southeastern part of Europe—Greece and its islands.

Greece, or the Hellenic Republic, is located in the southeastern Europe. It consists of mountainous areas jutting out into the sea. Greece is popular for its islands which are separated by waters, yet they are still considered as part of Greece. People who visit Greece can think of also visiting its islands that offers remarkable landscapes, white sandy beaches, and exquisite flora and fauna.

The Greek Islands is one of the wonderful places to visit. This is evidenced by the many tourists having holidays on the Greek Islands. There are 1400 Greek islands of which 227 are inhabited. The habitation of these islands is very few that only 78 among the habited islands have more than a hundred inhabitants. The interesting things about the Greek Islands are the white sand beaches and blue waters and the serenity and peace that one can experience in the islands.

The most visited major Greek Islands are the mainland Greece, Crete islands, Dodecanese, Epiros, Ionian Island, Kyklades, Macedonia, North Aegean, Pelopenese, Saronic Gulf, Sporades Island, Thesallia and Thraki. The Greek Islands has special features that make it attractive to tourists. Aside from the beaches and the attractive mountains seen on the various islands, there are also amazing architectural designs of the buildings in the villages that can only be seen in Greece. There is also the world heritage of the ancient Greece’s contribution to civilization. The most sought places that show Greece’s history and its contribution to the Western civilization are in the museums and the preserved structural buildings.

A tourist’s typical holidays on the Greek Islands is more about island hopping, sun bathing on the beach, swimming, mountain climbing and touring around. There are just numerous islands that one can visit. Others may choose to visit islands that are habited and simply see the wonders of the life on the island. Aside from enjoying the serenity, they can also enjoy learning from the way of life of the people in the island. There are also fauna and flora that can be seen and oftentimes, this is also one of the attractions in visiting the islands. Holiday on the Greek Islands also means picture-taking on the landscapes of the Greek islands. There is also the attraction in the buildings of the Greek Islands. The remarkable designs of the Greek buildings are one of the most attractive sites seen during ones holidays on the Greek Islands.

20% off Greek Sailing AdventuresThere are many online sites that offer information about the holidays on the Greek Islands. One of the online sites is the Hellasclub. You can get information about hotels, apartments, must-see in every island, news updates about the Greek Islands, lists of beaches, lists of villages, and historical information about some of the Greek Islands.


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