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Visit Egyptian Pyramids

By: Abdallah Gazal

Talking about dream destinations everyone has their own choice about the subject. Some prefer cold and peaceful places while the adventurous sorts would look forward to a trekking option. When it comes to dream destinations Egypt would be quite a popular choice. Egypt has an interesting history and a distinct culture and most spectacularly its pyramids. Worldwide Travel & Tours Packages are offered for Egypt holidays.

The Egyptian pyramids marked as one of the Seven Wonders of the World are among the most fascinating locations on the globe. They continue to be a popular tourist attraction. Many who have an eye for creativity have also lost their heart to this wonderful creation.
Egyptian pyramids can be found in various parts of the country. Egypt Travel Packages offer you close view of them. You will find few pyramids grouped together situated south of the Nile Delta. Egypt being the land of pyramids is home to hundreds of pyramids. The royal pyramid which is believed to be the last pyramid built by emperor Ahmose lies to the south of Egypt. Deir el-Medina are a few small pyramids that were built by individuals.

These pyramids rank not only in terms of their creative construction but also in terms of their size. They symbolize the Egyptian culture in a significant manner. It is believed that the pyramids were constructed as burial monuments associated with royal solar and stellar cults. Being one of the oldest creations they can be dated back to the old and middle kingdom periods.

Among all the pyramids the most spectacular is the pyramid complex at Giza which includes the Great Pyramid of Khufu, also popularly known as the great pyramid or “pyramid of Cheops”, “pyramid of Khafre” and the “pyramid of Menkaure”. The pyramid at Giza is visible from most parts of the city. Its mind boggling structure will leave you amused.

The great pyramid of Cheops, the largest of the three and stands tall at 140 meters. One can’t just stop gazing at its sheer size. It is estimated that the huge structure weighs more than 6 million tons considering that each block of stone weighs about 2.5 tons and over 2.3 million of these blocks were used to build this pyramid.
Visit Egyptian pyramids, and it would be a dream for many of us as the mystical qualities and fascinating structure of these pyramids attracts everyone. We at will make your dream come true by Custom Tour to Egypt. Any details regarding a trip to Egypt is just a click away.

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