No.50 | Dead Sea | Israel | Asia

No.50 | Dead Sea | Israel | Asia

Visiting the Dead Sea
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Dead Sea Spa

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Situated 408 metres below sea level in a remarkable landscape, the Dead Sea Spa is part of the Salt Land Village and boasts panoramic views of the extraordinary Dead Sea.

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Things To See On Your Holidays In Israel

By: Andrew Gibson

Israel is a country filled with beaches and beautiful sights not to be missed. When tourists visit this small country, they are in for a lovely surprise. It is a country filled with traditions and culture, so rich and not available anywhere else in the world. A country that ranks on top of the list when talking about a place that works towards human development, Israel has a lot to offer to this world.

Akko is a fortress that has withstood more than its share of rulers and the climatic changes and is very popular with tourists. This fortress located by the sea was home to Alexander the Great and even known as the Crusader city of the Acre. Right opposite the main entrance is the Mosque of Al Jazzar, which has a distinct Turkish architectural style on the exterior. All these will have you gasping in awe at this magnificient place.

Most tourists visiting Israel want to visit the Black Sea. This world famous tourist attraction is well worth a visit during your holiday in Israel. The water in this ocean is filled with minerals, and there is apparently 10% more oxygen here than elsewhere. The beauty of the Dead Sea is that nothing sinks, everything will float and it is said to have good healing powers for people who swim in it.

The capital city of Israel, Tel Aviv is where the business booms and industries flourish. The city has its share of long stretches of beaches, bars and restaurants that will captivate every visitor to this beautiful land. Most of the people living here migrated from other parts of the world, and so it is a melting pot of culture, and traditions. Make a trip to the Diaspora museum, which will educate the tourists about Jewish culture while in exile; or to the Museum of Art to learn more about this fascinating place.

Ein Avdat National park is hidden from the main road and is the most popular tourist attraction in Israel. In the middle of the desert, a pool of cold water exists, apart from which, there are steep canyons and scenery like nowhere else in the world. Plenty of open space to walk in, but be prepared for the long journey, which can get tiring and challenging, even for the physically fit. The vast variety of flora and fauna in this region makes the tiring journey completely worth it.

An archaeological site, Tzipori is all about the Hasmoneans who settled here back in the 2nd century. This place subsequently became the capital of Gailee, but today is filled with ruins of the original roadways and towering forts that was once standing tall. There is even a Roman villa, with beautiful interiors, mosaic floors, and an array of underground system of cisterns for the curious tourists to quench their curiousity in, while travelling in Israel.

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