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Aerial view of Bermuda looking west — St David’s and St George’s are in the foreground – JGHowes

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Enjoy A Relaxing Bermuda Break

Authored By: Adam Singleton

For a brilliant holiday bursting with beaches, sun and fun, think of a trip to Bermuda. Located off the east coast of the United States, Bermuda enjoys temperate weather and offers a massive range of idyllic pastimes for tourists of all ages. Although often referred to as one island, Bermuda is made up of around 138 islands and islets, with main islands connected by road bridges, and offer a unique experience for travellers. Despite Bermuda’s diminutive size and scenic setting, the island provides a wide ranging variety of sightseeing options, so visitors are advised to ensure they bring a camera.

Start off your tour of Bermuda with a trip to the Town of St George, this scenic spot is a UNESCO World Heritage Site is features quaint winding streets and beautiful fountains, gardens and squares. The Bermuda National Trust Museum and the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse are other great places to soak up a little history, the lighthouse also offers spectacular views of the island and surrounding waters from its observation deck – if you can handle the 180-step climb to reach it that is!

The Crystal and Fantasy Caves offer the chance to enjoy some natural wonders as does Spittal Pond, while the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo is sure to dazzle with its 140,000 gallon replica coral reef. The zoo is also home to more than 200 fish and 300 birds, reptiles and mammals. Additional maritime fun can be found at the Bermuda Maritime Museum.

For those who’d prefer to get their feet wet, there’s plenty of opportunity to in Bermuda. Paddle on one of Bermuda’s distinctive pink sandy beaches such as the Horseshoe Bay Beach, the Snorkel Park and Elbow Beach, and you’re sure to feel your day-to-day pressures drift away on the blue waters. Plenty of watersports are on offer for the more adventurous too, from snorkelling to scuba diving.

Bermuda is also a great spot for keen golfers, as it offers a surprising number of golf courses considering its size. If shopping is more your style however, you’ll find that Hamilton offers a great selection of stores – on Front Street in Particular.

While the weather in Bermuda is given a quasi-tropical atmosphere by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, the best time to visit is from the spring to Autumn. So make sure you check the expected weather before you book flights to Bermuda to take the best advantage of the island’s beautiful sights and experiences.

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