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Angel Falls | Canaima National Park | Venezuela | South America

Panoramic view of Angel Falls opposite Churun river by Jlazovskis en.wikipedia

Visiting Angel Falls
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Trekking Roraima
15 days G Adventures

Journey into a land that time forgot and conquer the pre-Cambrian tabletop summit of Mount Roraima. The stunning mountain is sacred to the region’s indigenous people and is said to have inspired Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Lost World’. Take time to explore the unique flora and fauna—some of which is completely unique to the mountain. The trek itself takes six days start to finish but this two-week adventure also includes canoe trips in Canaima National Park and a thrilling trek to Angel Falls. If you’re fit and want to get off the beaten track, this adventure will take you to new heights.

What’s Included

  • 6D/5N Trek to the summit of Roraima Mountain, 2N visit to Angel Falls and Canaima National Park.
  • 8 Breakfasts, 7 Lunches, 7 Dinners. (Allow USD190-250 for meals not included.)
  • Simple hotels (6 nts), camping (5 nts), open air hammocks (2 nts), night bus (1 nt)
  • Public bus, 4×4 vehicles, trekking, plane
  • Chief Experience Officer (CEO) throughout, local guides.
  • Small group experience; Max 15, Avg 8

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A Trip to Angel Falls

By Paul Scottyn

Angel Falls in Venezuela is one of the world’s most stunning natural spectacles. At a height of 978 meters it is far and away the highest waterfall in the world, more than justifying a trek into the Canaima National Park away from your hostels in Venezuela.

The park is located in the Gran Sabana region of the country which offers plenty in the way of natural beauty in itself and serves as an excellent precursor to the enormity of Angel Falls, with stunning table-top mountain views and an abundance of rare wildlife among the treats on offer.

How to See the Falls

Visitors can see the falls in one of two ways. Budget travelers are likely to be keen on the cheaper option, which involves a three hour trip down the Carrao River as opposed to flying over the falls in a small airplane.

River tours of the falls generally last around three days and can be arranged through tour operators or often directly through hostels in Venezuela. The boat option also provides an unforgettable experience of the jungle which you will pass through on the way.

Activities at the Falls

The views from the top of the falls and at a distance are quite stunning, particularly when the heavy water stream produces a huge spray after its uninterrupted 870 meter drop meets rock, but visitors will find most of the activities on offer lie at the bottom of the falls.

When the flow is not so strong travelers can take a cooling dip at the base where the full force of the water is broken as it cascades over a series of stepped rock faces.

Travelers can also explore the surrounding area for glimpses of rare plants and animals such as poison arrow frogs and orchids. Lucky visitors may even chance upon armadillos, anteaters and even some wild cats like pumas and jaguars which all find a safe haven in the park.

Before settling down and becoming a copywriter for Twizi. Paul Scottyn did a backpacking tour of South America, he checked out a variety of the country’s budget accommodation, including a number of most hostels in Venezuela

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